Earn Passive Income with Real Estate Syndication

Investing in a commercial real estate syndicate is an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio while earning passive income with short-term and long-term returns. Our focus is always to acquire properties that will protect investor capital while achieving maximum performance and returns.

90Properties and Counting
$550M+Total Value
23Properties Acquired
Over The Past Year

Our Process

  1. Conduct exhaustive research to find commercial real estate opportunities at substantially below market rates
  2. Negotiate the best purchase price and place the property under contract
  3. Perform thorough due diligence (visit property, get inspections, review leases, etc.)
  4. Create first-rate marketing collateral
  5. Procure financing
  6. Raise accredited investor funds for down payment, acquisition costs and operating reserves
  7. Complete closing
  8. Manage the property (leveraging local property managers)
  9. Distribute consistent financial returns and quarterly property updates to investors
  10. When appropriate, devise and execute exit strategy

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An Inside Look at How the Syndication Process Works

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Due Diligence Process

How Investors Get Paid — Part 1

How Investors Get Paid — Part 2

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